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Diabetes Meal Plan

A diabetes meal plan is critical in order for a diabetic to eat health foods on a consistent basis and be able to reverse their diabetes..

A diabetes meal plan makes it a lot easier to go grocery shopping and plan diabetic-friendly meals during the week.

A diabetic meal plan also helps to save money because you don’t end up buying the wrong foods, duplicate foods or forgetting specific foods, requiring you to drive back to the grocery store.

Here are some meal planning ideas that will make it easier for you to plan healthy diabetic-friendly meals during the week.

Create a grocery shopping list by review your recipes. Keep a generic list that includes things you buy frequently (such as spinach, eggs, milk, chicken breasts), then add extras so you don’t have to start from scratch each week.

Check your refrigerator and pantry, maintain an inventory in a spreadsheet or on your phone.

Choose a shopping day, but avoid weekends and evenings if you want to avoid the crowds.

Shop on days that work best for you. Consider your store’s schedule by asking the store manager when there are sales and when they receive fresh produce.

Don’t over-stuff the refrigerator. Foods get hidden in the back, and go bad. Cook perishables first, so that you don’t waste the food and money.

Make sure that you have a freezer. A freezer allows you to buy food on sale and store it for future meals. Make a double batch of recipes e.g. soups, casseroles) and freeze extras (in individual portions for easier defrosting). This is great when you don’t have time to prepare a meal because of an unplanned event.

Make sure that you have a cast iron skillet so that you don’t have to use a lot of oil when cooking an omelet or stir-fry.

Make sure that you have a good blender and/or juicer so that you can make smoothies and raw juices.

Get a (real*) diabetes cookbook or look online for diabetic-friendly healthy recipes.

*Most diabetes cookbooks are not diabetic-friendly and don’t address the disease! They tend to focus on calories and carb-counting to try to control your blood sugar, but, they don’t address inflammation, oxidation, glycation, etc.

Note: If you can’t find a lot of healthy meal planning ideas online, then, consider getting the author’s Death to Diabetes Cookbook and 90-Day Meal Planner booklet.


Meal Planning for Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetic Meal Plan to Reverse Diabetes

Here are some diabetic-friendly meal plan examples for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack.

Breakfast to Reverse Diabetes

  • 1½ cups steamed broccoli (or 2 cups spinach)
  • Omega-3 organic egg or 3 oz. canned wild salmon
  • 1½ Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
  • 16 oz. filtered water
  • 1 cup raw vegetable juice (optional)

Tip: If possible, drink the raw juice 30 minutes before your meal.

Seasoning: Onions, garlic, sea salt, colored peppers, other spices

Optional: Add 1 scoop of super greens powder (e.g. chlorella/spirulina, wheat/barley grass) to a glass of water, raw juice or low-sodium V-8 juice.

Note: If you really don’t like the idea of eating broccoli or any steamed vegetable for breakfast, don’t worry! 🙂 There are many other options, i.e. spinach omelet, green smoothie, stir-fry, or a tall glass of raw juice (or V-8 juice) with an egg on the side.

Snack to Reverse Diabetes

  • An apple (or other whole fruit)
  • A handful of walnuts/almonds
  • A glass of filtered water
  • Optional: Add 1-2 tsp. chlorella/spirulina to your water

Lunch to Reverse Diabetes

  • A small salad (with Romaine lettuce, baby spinach, sprouts, onion, garlic, celery, cucumber, tomato, tuna, boiled egg, olive oil, apple cider vinegar)
  • A glass of filtered water
  • Optional: Add 1-2 tsp. chlorella/spirulina to your water

Dinner to Reverse Diabetes

  • 1 cup steamed Brussels sprouts and 2 cups steamed broccoli
  • 5 oz. baked skinless chicken breast
  • 2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
  • 24 oz. filtered water
  • 1-2 cups raw vegetable juice
  • Optional: Add 1-2 tsp. chlorella/spirulina to your water or juice

Optional Dinner: a raw salad that contains the aforementioned foods with Romaine lettuce, ground salba seed and organic salad dressing, garlic, other herbs & spices.

Simple meal plan ideas include the following:

  • Creating a salad with the ingredients
  • Lightly steaming the vegetables
  • Gently stir-frying or sautéing the ingredients together in a pan or wok on the stove top
  • Roasting the ingredients in the oven
  • Preparing a green smoothie


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